Gratitude can be developed so that it is felt more strongly and easily in your life. Living with more gratitude allows other benefits to occur naturally. For example, you may find yourself becoming more empathetic, so that you can see things more easily from another person’s perspective.

You may also notice yourself feeling less jealous, angry, hurt by others’ lack of consideration, and so on. These negative emotions are extra baggage that none of us need, which can complicate your relationships or put a damper on your caring attitude.

Instead, by focusing on what is great about your life, achieving your goals, and knowing what makes you feel good, you will find that having hope and satisfaction arise more easily and frequently. This is not to ignore if someone treats you in an unkind way. It’s important to address something that you don’t like or that is not acceptable to you.

The difference is that by having some balance in remembering some of the goodness of that person and feeling grateful, it will help you move more quickly through a conflict and encourage the other person to come along on that journey with you.

Another benefit to feeling emotionally light is that you may gain more physical energy. Feeling energetic will help you engage more in your life and you’ll feel empowered to take on challenges with a positive attitude. You may notice an increased enthusiasm throughout your day – an increase in your zest for life!

As gratitude is also a learned thought pattern, practicing feeling it will give you more positive power when things go wrong. When facing a challenge or enduring a difficult experience, having a strong gratitude practice will help you find the “silver lining” of any situation. It will help you feel thankful for whatever the good is in the moment, and to be hopeful for the future.

Another important component of gratitude comes with the understanding that negativity will pass. Like everything else, unpleasantness is temporary – it will change and be replaced by something new. When you are able to develop a practice of generating gratitude, you can create the conditions needed to change your negativity into positivity. Having a pattern of positivity is a benefit to your life.

Having the ability to generate gratitude can become a way of life. It will affect all aspects of your life in a positive way. Gratitude is more than a simple emotion or a state of mind. It’s a ground for your entire existence, which can permeate all aspects of your life. If something unhappy occurs, you may find that you are balanced and strong, and able to maintain a sense of peace and calm no matter what is going on in your life.

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