Many natural ingredients can be utilized effectively on the hair and skin. For those of us who are leery of chemicals and other questionable ingredients found in commercial cosmetics, natural ingredients are a fantastic and low-cost alternative.

One of my favourite acne-reducing natural ingredients is coconut. Coconut is easy to find in its natural or organic form, and it’s gentle on the skin. The dermatological benefits of coconut are numerous. Here are some reasons to use coconut and how to make your own face scrub to treat acne issues.


Coconut is often included in commercially-made cosmetics. Some products utilize coconut oil, and others include coconut milk. Both products can be used in similar ways, so I would encourage you to experiment with which one you like best for your unique body. In addition to helping with acne, coconut will help make your hair shiny, clean your teeth, moisturize your skin, and hydrate your body.

Coconut contains the good kind of fatty acids, and it also has antimicrobials, which will help remove acne-causing bacteria from the skin. Vitamin E is another important nutrient found in coconut. It helps to clear blocked sebum glands and improve your skin’s overall appearance.


Coconut is a natural anti-inflammatory, and it can help reduce inflammation in your skin. Since adult acne is often linked to excessive inflammation, coconut can clear up the breakouts and help reduce the frequency and length of future flare-ups. Coconut oil is especially good for penetrating deeply into the skin.


To make your own acne skin care products, choose virgin coconut oil, as it does not contain any additives or artificial ingredients. This is important because a scrub will exfoliate your skin, so anything you use on your skin during this process will penetrate your skin deeply. Exfoliating your skin is an important step when trying to get rid of adult acne, so choosing the right products is essential.

Once you have chosen the right coconut oil for your needs, heat it slowly over a low heat. Heating the coconut oil will make it thinner, so it’s easier to work with when applying it to your acne. Salt or brown sugar work really well as scrubbing agents, because they are also natural and are not too harsh on your skin. Once your coconut oil is heated, remove from the heat. As it’s cooling, add the salt or brown sugar and stir the mixture until it becomes a paste that you can scrub on your face. For additional benefits, you can also add some essential oils to this mixture. Peppermint can be very invigorating, as can citrus oils and even cinnamon oil! Lavender or chamomile can be a great addition for your bedtime routine, as these essential oils are calming and soothing.

For a natural anti-inflammatory scrub to help you reduce your adult acne breakouts, consider coconut oil or coconut milk and a homemade, all-natural coconut scrub!

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