Have you ever considered becoming a minimalist? Does the idea of living with less scare you a little, or do you immediately think of the financial benefits of this lifestyle?

One aspect of minimalism that is often overlooked involves health and wellness. Even if you are not interested in adopting a minimalist lifestyle, there may be elements of this movement that you can incorporate to improve your life.


Through the lens of minimalism, your eating habits can be positively impacted. For example, when you find yourself with leftovers, you may consider saving them and incorporating them into other meals. This prevents food waste and saves money.

Another consideration is how many ingredients go into a meal. Simple meals may take less time to prepare, may cost less, and you can avoid unnecessary food spoilage that comes with keeping too many fresh ingredients on hand at a time.

Space can also be saved in the spice cabinet, as you may not really need more than a handful of your favorite dried herbs and spices. Give some thought to how often you use what you own in your kitchen.


Decluttering your highly scheduled life will give you more time to enjoy the things that interest you. You’ll have more downtime available to appreciate the little things in life. Start with setting an adequate amount of time for sleep and then commit to that schedule.

Next, determine the minimal amount of time you need for exercise. Build that into your new schedule. Plan the amount of time you need for cooking, eating, cleaning, shopping and perhaps even learning a new skill.

Remember, you want to leave enough time available to ensure you no longer feel overscheduled. Perhaps you’ll find yourself with more time to sip tea, read a book, take a bath, do some journaling, phone a friend, or play a musical instrument. Make time to see family and friends.


Having a simple life will give you a sense of ease. This is what minimalism is all about. Prioritizing how you spend your time and money helps you stay in control.

Removing the sense of urgency from as many aspects of your life as possible will help you to be in touch with what is happening now. Staying in the moment feels good, and it’s an excellent way to increase your health and wellness.

Spend a bit of time each morning or evening updating your to do list. By writing down the things you want to remember or take care of, you create additional ease knowing that you won’t miss anything important. Procrastinating won’t be so difficult after applying minimalistic values to your lifestyle.

Improving your health and wellness can come from simple techniques, like the ones mentioned above. What small, minimalist changes can you make today to create a better lifestyle?

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