For many people, walking, yoga, or meditating are great go-to self-care activities. For others, it’s getting together with good friends for a healthy meal and some laughs. Any activity that feels good, addresses health and wellness, and can be done in a relaxed way can qualify as self-care.

What do you like to do to take care of your health and wellness? Have you tried incorporating an artistic or creative activity into your life? Even if you don’t think of yourself as being creative or artistic, you can still benefit from having fun and trying something new.

Having fun and experimenting with creative pursuits can be very gratifying. Here are a few ideas to get you practicing self-care in some new and fun ways:


Do you remember how simple things were when you were a child? There is something very relaxing about choosing colours and filling in the spaces of a beautiful design. Colouring can be a meditative experience, which is very good for de-stressing your mind and body.


Ready to colour outside the lines, and throw out the rule book? Being creative or artistic doesn’t mean you have to create a masterpiece. Don’t worry about the result, as the process is what’s important. Allow yourself to be free to create anything your mind comes up with. Splash a little paint around on purpose or draw a fantastical idea. Allow yourself to have fun and you’ll be smiling in no time!


What better way to express your creative side than to try something new? Try taking a pottery class, learn to cook in a new tradition, try your hand at gardening, take up bird-watching, jewelry-making, or learning how to dance. You’ve probably always wanted to try something, so now is your chance in the name of wellness!


Putting your thoughts on paper can be hugely rewarding and calming. You could start a dream journal. You could spend ten minutes writing down your thoughts each day. If you are excited about the prospect, you could create poetry, short stories, or even try your hand at writing a novel.

Getting started on a writing project can be daunting. To maximize your self-care, try sitting in a comfortable place with a cup of tea or water, and put your pen to paper instead of typing your words. The physical process of writing is quite enjoyable and relaxing, and if you make time for it and commit to not judging yourself, you can have a lot of fun seeing what comes up to write about.


No matter what creative or artistic activity you choose to indulge in for your self-care, practice it with abandon and have fun seeing how creative and artistic you can be. Calm your stress with some carefree time to yourself and this will give you a greater sense of wellness.

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