Now that the colder and wetter weather has started to settle in, it’s a great time to look at how to think more positively. Optimism is not undervalued in our culture but is often under-emphasized and under-utilized as a tool for increasing wellness. When you are in the habit of focusing on the good, your overall happiness will naturally grow.


Start your day with a smile and cheers:  How do you start your daily routine? By welcoming your day with enthusiasm, the rest of your day will follow on a positive note.

Reflect on your goals:  Each day, start with a few minutes of reflection on your goals. Visualize achieving them and enjoy how it feels!

Make plans:  To increase your positivity throughout the day, ensuring you have built in enough time for travelling, relaxing, working, eating, and sleeping is important. You can improve your mood by regulating when you sleep and eat each day, to be as consistent as possible.

Decide what’s important:  Develop a strategy for dealing with problems and concentrate on what you enjoy most throughout your day. By prioritizing what you want to achieve, you will be emotionally prepared to give positive and negative developments the emphasis you think is adequate, without being overly attached to the outcome.

Try new things and allow yourself to be challenged:  See that learning and change provide opportunities to grow. Being curious and leaving your expectations behind opens you up to new possibilities.

Live with moderation in mind:  Deprivation causes unhappiness but living in excess also leads to the same result. It’s possible to have not enough or too much of a good thing. It can be difficult to break yourself of habits, including not getting enough sleep, eating to much, not having enough quality time with your loved one, and so on. Look at the areas that would benefit from a moderation adjustment, and you’ll notice an increased happiness in no time.

Set realistic goals:  If you want to lose weight, for example, start with smaller goals of 5 to 10 pounds. It’s easier to build on your successes than to choose too large a goal that it seems almost impossible to achieve. Whatever your goal, slow and steady achievement will make it easier to make big changes.

Remind yourself of your best qualities:  Even if you are having a rough day or feeling low in confidence, if you are honest with yourself, you can find qualities that you are proud of. Shake off the blues by reminding yourself often of what you like about yourself the most.

Laugh and have fun:  Be playful, and enjoy what life has to offer. Having a few giggles with some friends can do wonders for your self and wellbeing.

Associate with positive people:  Look for others who are positive and who enjoy life as much as you do – or more! You’ve heard that like attracts like, so if you want to be a positive person, keep positive people close to you.

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