Being happy requires you to carve out a life that you design, and to throw yourself wholeheartedly into making it your reality. This may seem selfish, but the goal is to be able to give your unique talents to the world to help others. It’s healthy to prioritize your own happiness and live in abundance.

If you are not happy in your actions, activities and work, you won’t be able to experience true happiness or share it with others. Too often we look to others to define happiness for us, to give happiness to us. This is not healthy for anyone.

People are happiness-driven. We strive to increase our happiness, otherwise we become mentally and emotionally unwell. To share our happiness with others, we must first have it within ourselves. You must create the kind of life that makes you happy. Let happiness guide your decisions.

Make happiness the determining factor in your life by evaluating each decision to determine if it will make you happier or unhappier overall. Most problems in life can be contributed to choices we make that do not work towards our happiness goals. To truly live in abundance, you must embrace happiness.

By clearly identifying your goals, you can become happier. Take time regularly to evaluate your life and your decisions to optimize your happiness.

If you knew you could not fail, not matter what, how would this change your decision-making?

If you were guaranteed success at one thing, what would it be? If you had all the resources you needed, what would you choose to do with your life? This allows you to remove limits of time, education and money from the equation, and focus on what your heart desires.

People who become successful do so by envisioning their future and exactly how they want it to be. They take steps every day to bring them closer to that vision, that purpose, that dream. They make their dreams their reality.

Life can be divided into four categories:

  1. Things that are hard to learn and do.
  2. Things that are hard to learn but easy to do.
  3. Things that are easy to learn but hard to do.
  4. Things that are easy to learn and easy to do.

It’s this last category that will bring you the most happiness. Your innate skill and passion for these things are what will make you happy as you pursue them.

Happiness does not occur by accident, so don’t be afraid to deliberately pursue your goals and contribute to the greater good in the world. Dedicate yourself to doing what you love for a life of happiness and abundance!

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