Do you know someone who seems happy all the time? Do you think this person is just naturally happy or has a charmed life? The truth is, this person has suffered as much as any of us have.

Happy people make choices to think and behave in a positive way. They choose to be happy. Unhappy people don’t choose to be unhappy, but they may unconsciously allow habitual thought patterns to take them in a negative direction.

It’s important not to blame people for struggling with happiness. This is not helpful. Instead, we can all learn how to better reinforce happiness in our lives through our thoughts and behaviours. Here are five choices you can make to be happier:


Life is constantly giving you opportunities to make the choice to be optimistic.

When you don’t get what you want, do you interpret this setback as a doom and gloom event? Or do you acknowledge that although things did not turn out as you had hoped, you can already see the wonderful possibilities that may still come?

Happy people understand that thinking is part of a creative process. By looking for the next opportunity, chances increase for positive things to go your way.


Happy people choose kindness and compassion for themselves and others. Being respectful and caring helps determine how you may feel about your place in the world, your contributions, and remind you that your desires are not the only ones that matter.


Harbouring resentment towards others does not foster happiness in yourself. When other people act in a hurtful or insensitive way, it’s best to see that this stems from personal flaws. They are not a reflection upon you. Instead of taking it personally, you may decide to see the suffering that led to that person’s decision, and to hold a sense of caring for yourself and for them as well.


Are you consistently grateful for what you have? Happy people notice the gifts and blessings in their lives and frequently express gratitude. Instead of focusing on the negative, express your gratitude for whatever you do have.


To truly accept change when we do not have control takes real commitment. A real sense of inner peace can arise by letting go and accepting what cannot be changed. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a preference, and it doesn’t mean that emotions won’t arise. Accepting something doesn’t require liking it.

The practice of acceptance is more about stopping the internal struggle against what cannot be controlled. Over time, acceptance brings a sense of inner peace that cannot be changed by external circumstances.

If you are holding onto some negative energy, ask yourself what benefit you gain from this. Decide to reframe this negativity in a way that is useful for your happiness.


Happiness is the result of your thinking and behaviour, not the cause of it. You can become happier, regardless of your current circumstances. If you would like to have a breakthrough that will allow you to be more optimistic, get started with my Heart Wall Program. Many clients have had great success with this program, and I’d really like to help you, too. Get in touch with me today to see how I can help.