Vancouver, CA – It’s no secret that the popularity of energy medicine has exploded in the last decade. People have sensed that conventional medicine has stopped asking certain questions. Energy medicine is more interactive and experiential. It engages you as a whole person to explore your emotions as well as your body.

Kim De Boer is the founder of The Healing Pendulum, an energy healing practice dedicated to helping people and animals heal holistically. Kim is a certified practitioner of Dr. Bradley Nelsons’ Emotion Code and Body Code, which uncover the underlying root causes of symptoms clients are suffering from emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually to alleviate their issues.

“When we feel any kind of pain or discomfort in our bodies, there is an imbalance that is causing the symptom,” says Kim. “Releasing this negative energy allows my clients to experience more happiness and have more energy in their lives, without pain, depression, stress and anxiety. They’re free to live up to their true potential.”

Without your health life becomes limited. The Emotion Code and Body Code can help you make great strides toward living a healthy and happy life. For many individuals, an Emotion Code and Body Code session can be a revelatory experience.

“They’re amazed,” says Kim. “They’re in awe. One of my clients recently said, ‘I was going to therapy for years for this, and you just released it in two seconds!’ I am just so proud to be doing this system and helping so many people.”