Have you ever tried to stop thinking? It’s impossible to do, right? All day long, thoughts just bubble up and then get replaced by more thoughts. Some are good thoughts; some are bad thoughts. Some are happy thoughts; some thoughts are angry, confused, or sad. It’s a never-ending party in your mind – chaotic and sometimes strange.

Humans, at our core, want to be happy. We prefer having good and happy thoughts, because they lead to or come out of positive emotions. We call our negative thoughts bad. We have bad moods. Naturally, we recoil from what we don’t like or don’t want.

Have you ever had a “good cry”? Sometimes, what feels negative can also have a very positive effect. After a cry, you probably feel better. It’s a common experience. Anger is also experienced sometimes this way, although it’s often laced with some regret. Expressing yourself feels good, but it’s not always a positive emotion or a good thing to do.

To uncomplicate this a little, it’s important to understand that you have a bit less control over your thoughts than you might have imagined. But there is a way around this. The answer to bringing positive emotion into your experience is through intention. When you start your day, do you start with a little ritual to set your intentions?

An intention I like to use is, “Today, I’m going to see the silver lining in everything.” It’s not that this always comes naturally or easily, but it’s a commitment to always see the best in every situation. Finding something to be grateful about can really help reframe a situation. This is not about having a Pollyanna attitude – if you are sad, hurt, angry or confused, feel it fully and realize that it’s not the whole picture.

If you bottle up your negative thoughts or emotions, try to ignore them or pretend them aren’t important, they will keep resurfacing. Instead, allow them to live for the moment they arise, and let them pass by and be replaced with another thought – one that you have set an intention for.

An intention builds habits. You’ll start to notice quite quickly that you’ll remind yourself to fulfil your intention. At first, it may take a bit of time – perhaps even a few hours. As you maintain your intentions, this gap will shorten, and before you know it, the reminder to reframe the thought will come quickly.

Your mind, like everyone else’s, is a powerful labeling machine. It looks for patterns and identifies them quickly. The more strongly you set your intentions and take the time to fulfil them as the reminder thoughts come in, your mind will prime itself for noticing this pattern. It’s a beautiful gift to have this ability, and we all have it in us!

Take some time to do this work around intentions. It will be well worth it. My Abundance Program helps you to identify and find solutions for other thought patterns, which will enable you to move past limiting beliefs and other emotional blocks to have abundance in your life. Would you like to work with me to gain more happiness and success in your life? Here is the information to get you started.