Do you want to be happier and feel more fulfilled? Would you like to spend more time with family and friends, or have more time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate?

This one-week challenge will help you enjoy a greater quality of life. Best of all, this practice only takes seven days to implement, and it produces lasting change for a better life.

Are you ready to make this very easy change?

Okay, here it is. For the next seven days, stop watching the news! Do not watch any news on TV or listen to any news on the radio. Don’t read the newspaper, either. If your internet browser’s home page is a news headline website, you’ll need to change it. For a whole week, make sure you are not tuned into the news.

Why should you try this? Reducing your exposure to the negativity of the news can produce some simple but positive changes in your life. Try this for just seven days and see how you feel afterwards. It will be an interesting experiment, and I bet you’ll discover that not being completely in the know will not be a problem. If there is really something you need to know, someone will tell you about current events that are relevant to your life.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly the time will pass when you are more attentive to your relationships and rejuvenating yourself by immersing in activities that bring you happiness and fulfillment.

When you focus your attention on negativities, this creates more thoughts that are focused on unhappy events and perspectives. In this way, you create your own reality. If you remove unnecessary negativity from your life, you will open for opportunities to create more positivity and happiness.

The news can be extremely negative. When happy stories are reported, they are typically very short. The news anchor will even point out that it’s a positive news story, as if it’s something special. That’s because the news rarely covers happy endings. There is no drama or excitement in happiness, but in negativity, there is an abundance of drama, and this can produce anxiety.

This kind of excitement is useless, as it brings no value and only serves to cause rumination or loss of hope. So, instead of bringing in a steady stream of negativity, you will be able to fill your time with positivity.

One quick note about the trap of TV – if you commit to not watching the news for a week, you should also avoid other negative television, such as some reality TV. Replace this time with positive experiences that add value to your life instead.

For example, you may enjoy some alone time contemplating who you are and discovering your life’s purpose. You can focus on setting some major goals and freeing yourself from any limitations you may have placed on yourself without realizing it.

Spending time with the people who are important to you is another positive use of the time you have made for your own happiness. You can also get back to nature. Prioritize your wellbeing, and just relax and enjoy the experience.

Taking one week to spend away from the news is not about hiding from reality. After your week of mental decluttering, see if you feel happier and more excited about life. Once you have that baseline, you can decide how much of the news you want to pay attention to.

This challenge is all about finding balance and a better sense of fulfillment. You’ll be back in control of creating the reality you want to have. You’ll find more time to experience a positive, friendly world.

Give this one-week challenge a try and let me know how it goes. I’m sure you will be glad you tried it.

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