Do you often feel irritated or hurt by comments people make? Have you ever lashed out because of something someone you care about said? Often, these kinds of reactions are followed by a sense of regret. It can be heartbreaking to experience this kind of discord with someone you love.

Perhaps you can relate more to the emotional pain of loss or a missed opportunity? How have you reacted in this kind of situation? One common response is to feel overwhelmed, to the point of wanting to withdraw from the people around you. By shutting off your heart from allowing to feel emotions, it could seem temporarily calming even if it’s a damaging activity for your relationships and for your well-being.

You may be interested to learn that the system that produces this reactivity works like an alarm. It effectively overrides the intellectual thought process during a high stress event, and this is why some strong emotional reactions occur. This system can be disruptive, and it can also save your life.

Strong reactions cause action to be taken. This can result in an activity like jumping into the water to save a drowning child. But this same system can also create unreasonable or inappropriate responses during non-life-threatening events. Sometimes, strong and negative emotional reactions can hurt your relationship with someone you care about. If you were able to exert some control over this process, negative consequences could be avoided.


Pay attention to when and why these unwanted reactions happen. Although they feel uncontrollable, they are not. Understanding the feelings in the body and the thoughts that occur when you are triggered can help you be more aware of the whole process. This is a critical component, because you will never have greater control without this detailed awareness.


To gain some control over a reactionary experience, you’ll need to realize why the unwanted response is happening. Pay close attention to the emotions that come up, including how quickly they may change. You may notice emotions that start strong and fade away slowly, or that start off as one emotion and morph into another. Recognizing the emotional state and what is happening within it will benefit you as you work towards lasting change and more control over your emotional state.


To get to a calmer state, utilizing your intellect is necessary. Consciously direct influence over your emotional reactions. You can learn to control the reaction sooner by applying a conscious thought process as early as possible during the reactionary process.


It’s important to remain as calm as possible and be patient with yourself as you learn to be less reactionary. This is a process, and it might feel different all the time, so you’ll want to take your time to learn the signals within yourself.

Over time, you’ll find yourself less apt to snap at others when you don’t like something. You’ll feel happier after all and won’t feel out of control whenever something does not go your way. A sense of calm may even become your new norm. Bringing this heart-centered awareness to your life will help you feel more relaxed and better equipped to handle any emotional stress.

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