With a surging interest in natural health options, crystals have become an interesting way to treat many health issues. Crystals are the natural form of gemstones, left untreated and unpolished. Crystals contain surprising, healing properties, and can be used for many ailments.

Holding a healing crystal in your hand or placing it on various parts of your body changes the flow of energy, removing negative energy and promoting health and healing. Crystals are often used in conjunction with chakra work and have shown to be highly effective in producing the desired results.

Some of the most popular crystals for healing, along with their properties, are:


Agate is known for being quite powerful, improving emotional strength and offering protective qualities. Agate be found in brown or yellow-orange, in addition to blue agate, and a sub-type of blue agate called blue lace agate, which is very popular for jewelry.

These crystals are especially healing, and excellent for opening up the throat chakra. Doing work with blue agate on this part of the body can improve your voice, assist with physical as well as emotional expressions, and balance out the positive energy found throughout your body.


This pink-hued crystal is very popular, especially for those who enjoy romance. Rose quartz can be used for relaxation, as it creates a calming environment. If you feel like your emotional energy has been off-kilter, this is the perfect crystal to help rebalance you and bring in positivity.

Rose quartz, naturally associated with the heart chakra, is also great for promoting healthy relationships and increased bonding between lovers and friends, as it works well to re-balance the energy of relationships.


This opaque, black crystal is mysterious and elegant. There are other hues of this gemstone available, but black onyx is especially very powerful if you are dealing with emotional stress and anxiety. This crystal is also a great energy stabilizer during times when grief or confusion are being experienced.

Black onyx has another wonderful benefit of physically improving stamina. If you feel like your energy is being drained from emotional origins, black onyx will help shift the energy and bring you greater physical strength.


Most people are familiar with this beautiful and brightly-coloured crystal, which is a great rejuvenator, promoting a strong sense of equanimity and calmness.

This crystal is helpful for relaxing you during times of stress or anxiety, by creating a spacious feeling in your mind and throughout your body. Because of this, you can use aquamarine while you meditate, by holding it in your hand or keeping it close to your heart.

Aquamarine is very effective with heart chakra work, and it’s also helpful for opening up self-expression and exploring your identity.


This crystal is incredibly well known for its healing powers, and as a result of its popularity, quartz is easy to find. There are many types of quartz, including rose quartz, which was mentioned above. When you see “quartz” without any additional descriptor, it usually refers to the type of quartz that is a clear, shiny and almost glowing crystal.

The reason for its enormous popularity is because quartz is great for stimulating the crown chakra, improving focus, and increasing awareness. Quartz provides great positive energy, helpful to wear as a necklace while going through your day.


Amethyst is a very pretty gemstone, which comes in a variety of shades of purple. This crystal offers some of the same benefits of other types of quartz, such as improving alertness and focus, increasing your awareness and intellectual potential.

Amethyst is closely associated with the third eye, helping to overcome headaches, fatigue or tiredness, and is useful for connecting with your spiritual side.


This crystal has a dark, opaque appearance and is often found in medium to dark green shades. Popular throughout Asian history and cultures, pieces of jade are often considered to be lucky charms.

Jade is incredibly powerful for transformation, manifesting your dreams, and for goal setting, as it is aligned to the heart chakra. If you want to work on overcoming fear, jade is the best crystal to support your endeavor. To cultivate power for your future, and to generate courage and generosity, use jade.


Labradorite is variety of feldspar, which is a mineral that forms rocks. It is surprisingly unknown. Labradorite is usually multi-coloured and vibrant, blue or purple hued, with dashes and dabs of yellow, red or green, or even grey or brown.

This very special crystal aids intuition and increases psychic powers. Labradorite raises your consciousness, provides protection for your aura, and increases your ability to persevere through difficulties.


This amazing gemstone crystal comes in many colors and varieties, such as orange, brown, green, pink, yellow, green, red, bright blue, and even a colourless form which looks similar to quartz. Each type of topaz has unique properties and benefits, but all topaz crystals have healing powers. Topaz works with the solar plexus chakra.

Topaz is most used for removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. It is great for motivation, and it affects your body’s energy, helping physical healing and soothing bodily ailments. Topaz assists with accessing joy and abundance, forgiveness and a sense of peace.


A brilliant royal blue crystal with streaks of gold and other colours, lapis lazuli has been highly prized throughout history. This is the best crystal for accessing higher levels of consciousness, gaining mental clarity, and developing greater awareness.

Aligning with the throat chakra, this healing crystal can also help you enhance your abilities to communicate and be creative. Harmful energy will be wicked away and positive energy will be drawn to you. Wear the lapis lazuli crystal as close as possible to your throat chakra for the best results.


Obsidian is sometimes confused with black onyx, as it is another dark-coloured stone, ranging from a translucent black to a dark green. This is a very special crystal, made from volcanic glass, formed when lava cools.

Obsidian stimulates physical and emotional healing properties, reducing arthritis and other joint-related or extremity pain, muscle cramps, as well as indigestion. This crystal provides excellent detoxifying properties.

Providing emotional healing powers, such as shielding your energy and stopping psychic attacks, obsidian combats tension and stress. Clarity can be gained with obsidian.

Golden obsidian is especially good for balancing energy in your physical body, whereas black obsidian aids self-control and resolving negative thinking patterns. Mahogany obsidian cleanses the aura.


Working with the solar plexus chakra, citrine, the brightly coloured crystal, has many properties associated with light and sunshine. It cleanses your aura effectively from any negative energy, increasing happiness and joy to your life by cultivating positive energy.

Citrine brings out your inner light, energizing your body and mind. It will bring more focus and clarity to your life, especially as you wear or hold the citrine crystal close to your sacral area.

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