Have you been feeling like every day, life is the same? Does life feel like a repeating pattern that never stops or changes? For some people, everything is boring. They feel like there is nothing new to do, and nowhere interesting to go.

You might feel like you work hard to earn money, but the time you have to enjoy life with is so limited. It can feel like a trap, working five long days and then only having two fleeting days off.

For some people, thrill-seeking brings temporary pleasure. They may use intoxicants such as alcohol or drugs; or they may use sex or food to achieve a temporary high. Breaking the monotony of life is what drives them to seek temporary excitement. Once it’s over, a pattern of meaninglessness can set in again.

For some people, addiction can set in. Always looking for the next high can be exhausting, and it can send a person into a downward spiral. Instead of building success, efforts become focused on temporary pleasures. Precious time, energy and money is wasted by chasing the next thrill.

This probably isn’t you, but can you relate to this lack of satisfaction and desire for more pleasure? Do you wonder how to break yourself out of a similar, repeating pattern?

To find meaning in life, it’s necessary to be curious. A zest for life requires drive, and even anticipation for what may come. Without having this naturally, it’s easy to resort to outside stimulation to try to make up for this loss of meaning in life.

You may have noticed that many of your desires are misplaced. We think temporary pleasures will provide happiness, but it doesn’t. It’s important to realize that happiness is within you. Letting go of desires will help you be satisfied by what you already have. By recognizing craving and releasing desire, you can be free from it. Letting go allows you to have power back.

There are people in this world who feel good every day. They do not need to resort to temporary pleasure because they have an important mental characteristic to bring them real happiness. They have a sense of purpose. These people know what they want in life; they know their calling.

To find true happiness and meaning in your life, you’ll need to uncover your life’s purpose. You have unique gifts, and your own special destiny just waiting to be discovered.

Here are some tips for finding truth, meaning and happiness in your life:

  1. Discover what you are made of. Find out what your abilities, talents and strengths are.
  2. Visualize the life you want to lead.
  3. Make solid plans to achieve your goals, including what actions you will need to take. Think through this process and write it down.
  4. Don’t keep this a secret. Tell a friend about your plans. This will help you stay committed to achieving your goals. Actively build your dream every day by taking action.

If you follow this guideline, within a short time, you will start to see results. This will naturally excite and inspire you. By investing in yourself in this way, you will create an upward spiral of victory.

By letting go of your desire for temporary pleasures, you are choosing to live your purpose. Break free from the pattern of monotony, so you can find truth, meaning, and happiness in your life.

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