The holiday season comes and goes so quickly, doesn’t it? All the fun of the seemingly endless parties, excess food and drink, and spending that comes during this time of year will soon taper down. Life will become quieter and reflective again.

It’s tempting to view the coming months of winter as drudgery, especially after all the excitement of the holidays. But you don’t have to think like that! The post-holiday winter season is a perfect time to focus on yourself. It’s a wonderful time to de-stress and relax. Here are some winter care tips you can implement with ease.


The cold temperatures at night will make you want your bed to be especially cozy. If it’s time to replace your mattress, January is a great time to find good sales on beds and bedroom linens. You may even want to pick up a thicker comforter, a heated mattress pad, or soft flannel sheets.

Another addition to your bedroom to improve coziness is replacing your lightweight curtains with heavier draperies to reduce drafts.

Keep your lighting soft and ensure you keep some items of comfort next to your bed, such as tissues, a good book, your glasses case, and anything else to help you feel comfortable.

Forget spring cleaning. Most people find their level of physical activity slows in the wintertime, so why not use this opportunity to clean your bedroom and even rearrange the furniture? A brisk cleaning will help you get your heartrate up, reduce allergens in your bedroom, and you may even find some items to donate to charity.


Winter is the perfect time for visiting a day spa for relaxing treatments. You can de-stress in style by letting someone pamper you. Physical touch is very soothing, and many treatments at a spa can really help you unwind through touch, including facials, pedicures, and massage. If immersing yourself in liquid or being enveloped is more your thing, whirling hot tubs, sauna treatments or full-body wraps can also do wonders.


Even if you managed to not add a few extra pounds over the holidays, eating more whole foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, is especially helpful during wintertime. By increasing your energy through eating a well-balanced diet, you may find it easier to get out of your home and enjoy more activities in the brisk weather.

Mindless grazing can easily happen during the winter months, so set specific meal times and allow yourself a few healthy snacks that are easy but planned. Stick to your grocery list when shopping to avoid temptations. Your body will feel better and you won’t be dealing with a compromised immune system.


Making your home more comfortable, allowing yourself to be pampered, and eating healthfully during the wintertime will help you stay relaxed and feeling good.

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