Taking the steps necessary for improving your mental and physical self is a helpful and interesting practice. Here is a system to help you make the most effective changes in your own personal growth.

Attaining greater self-awareness and self-knowledge can help to improve your health, lifestyle, and your wealth. As with all forms of development, personal development utilizes frameworks or criteria to implement and evaluate goals and strategies.

To embark on a helpful self-development program, it’s important that you take a critical look at yourself and your life. Knowing yourself well is essential to determining which areas of your life should be changed. It’s easy to feel like life is not going well and improvements are necessary, but without knowing the areas of weakness, improving can be difficult.

Although not always the case, you may find it to be a slow, occasionally painful or draining exercise examining the various aspects of your life to determine which ones are necessary to improve. It’s a temporary process, with long-lasting effects. Take heart that this kind of change is worth it, and that you will be happier in the long run.

Some areas to look at include your health, including your state of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing; your spiritual life, social development, personal finances, work performance, career path, networking skills, professional development, and educational advancement.

You may also identify your eating habits, fitness level, stress and anxiety levels, sleeping patterns, living arrangements, the organization of your personal space, your relationships, personal aspirations, clothing choices, personal style, and the way you allocate time to ensure an adequate life-work balance. You may even look at the labels you use to describe yourself to see if what you think about yourself is serving you well or not.

After carefully considering these and any other areas you identify, decide which areas need attention. Take your time, and critically analyze each area where change may be useful in your life.

Don’t be unreasonably hard on yourself or try to change too much all at once. Be authentic and honest with yourself and allow yourself the space and time to look deeply and understand your needs and desires, weaknesses and strengths. Put the areas you have identified as needing change in the order of importance. Focus on one thing at a time.

By giving attention to a limited quantity of areas, you can more easily achieve success. You don’t need to make too many changes at the same time. Be gentle and don’t overburden yourself all at once. Ensure you have identified the intended outcome of each of the areas you want to address.

It’s important to be specific. Just wanting to be happier does not give you enough detail to make effective changes. Identify the exact behaviour you want to change, and then determine the specific new behaviour that will ensure the change is completed. With a clear objective, it’s easier to define which tasks will be involved to bring about your intended outcome, which can then be broken down into manageable, achievable steps.

Start with the most important change on your list. If you can apply a gentle curiosity to the process and realize that any fear or aversion will be temporary, then making the change and sticking to it will be easier. As you make positive changes, notice how you look and feel by having made these changes.

As you start to see results, you will feel proud of your accomplishments. This will make further changes easier. It will also make sticking to those changes more desirable. Be gentle with yourself and recognize that real change takes work and time. Keep at it, and you will have the success you seek.

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