Essential oils are very effective for treating a wide range of issues. For depression and anxiety, lavender essential oil is well known to have a positive effect. There are also other essential oils that are excellent for relieving continuing depression or anxiety.

Here is some information about which essential oils are best, how and when to use them, and the best methods, combinations, and other details you may find useful.


Peppermint oil is ideal for invigorating your body, which can help if your depression includes feelings of sadness or lethargy. Peppermint is also an indispensable essential oil to treat postpartum depression, as it helps to perk up your senses and help encourage you to be active.

Food grade peppermint oil will help settle your stomach issues, if you are experiencing stomach upset from ongoing depression or anxiety. If you decide to ingest it, ensure that it is an essential oil, and that it does not contain flavouring. It’s best to use organic and food grade quality peppermint oil. It can also be utilized in shower cubes or in a room diffuser.


For an essential oil that is calming and comforting. It’s easy to mix orange blossom oil with other essential oil scents in your diffuser. This oil can have a subtle effect when used in a diffuser, perfect for calming you and reducing your anxiety and depression.

This oil is perfect to help calm sudden onset anxiety, such as sleep-induced or thought-induced anxiety issues. You may be surprised by how quickly orange blossom essential oil brings results, as it may begin to calm you after only a few moments. This can be a key factor in helping you to get your sudden-onset anxiety under control.


Rose is one of the best essential oils for helping during pregnancy, when you may be more easily triggered by depression and anxiety. This is especially true for first pregnancies. During your pregnancy, your doctor may tell you not to take any form of depression or anxiety medication.

Even taking supplements can be tricky, due to scary potential side effects. Sometimes, supplements don’t even work. Rose oil can help in these kinds of situations. Some mothers have found that the scent of rose oil does help them when used as an inhalant or by applying directly to the skin.


Frankincense oil, although often associated only with the holiday season, is great for keeping depression at bay all year round. Apply frankincense oil topically on your wrists and other pulse points on your body. As your pulse causes the pulse points to move slightly, they will infuse the air with the oil that is on those locations. Frankincense can give you an ongoing feeling of peace and serenity.


These essential oils can be used for mild to moderate depression and anxiety. Whether it’s a sudden onset issue or ongoing struggle with depression and/or anxiety, these natural options make great solutions that are healthy and easy to use.

Consider making small vials or inhalant vials of the oils that work best for you, then carry these essential oils with you at all times to ensure you enjoy a natural relief at home or on the go.

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