You can transform your life with daily journaling. It’s a wonderful habit that will bring you many benefits. I’d like to invite you to journal for the next 31 days to fully discover who you are, explore your new dreams, and plan your next adventures.

To get started, you’ll need to create some room in your life for this new activity. Are you more of a morning person, who may benefit from starting your day by tapping into your energy? Perhaps the afternoon would be better for journaling over a cup of soothing tea? If you find your evenings more productive, this would be the best time for you to do your journaling. Choose 20 to 30 minutes at whichever time of day feels right for you to spend writing down your thoughts.

Below, you’ll find 31 prompts to inspire your journaling. You can work through this list in chronological order during the next 31 days, or you may prefer to jump around as inspiration manifests.

Remember that journaling is a judgment-free activity. If you misspell a word, use the wrong tense or create a run-on sentence, don’t worry about it! Journaling is about the ideas, not the writing itself. You don’t even need to use punctuation if you don’t want to. What you write is just for you, and it should be fun and stress-free.

Enjoy the freedom to explore, play, and create to your heart’s delight! Here are the 31 prompts to get you started with journaling.


Each year is ripe with the potential for new adventure! Use these questions to consider what you’d like to do and see this year…

1. Where would you like to travel to next?

2. In what areas of your life will you challenge yourself? Is there a talent or skill you would like to develop?

3. What new foods would you like to try? Is there a cuisine you would like to try, or a recipe or cooking technique you wish to master?

4.What would you like learn in the New Year?

5. How will your life be different this year? What changes would you like to make?

6. What would you like to stay the same? Are there areas in your life you’re already happy with and don’t want to change?

7. Consider projects you’ll start this year. Why do you want to work on these projects?

8. Are there new hobbies you would like to start this year? Why do these hobbies interest you?

9. What 3 things do you most want to accomplish in the New Year? How will you make space to honour these goals?


Healthy relationships are important for your mental and emotional health. These questions will help you reflect on your relationships…

10. Who would you like to meet this year? Make a list of 3-5 people and explain your reason for wanting to meet each person.

11. Imagine building a dream team so your life and business flow smoothly and easily. What would your team look like?

12. Who would you like to bless in the New Year? List 3-7 people that you’re going to pour into.

13. How will you bless each person on your list above?

14. Who would you like to mentor, either personally or professionally? How would you mentor that person?

15. Think about yourself. Is there someone who took the time to mentor you at an important point in your life? How can you thank that person?


The New Year is the perfect time to consider how you’d like to grow and change. Use these questions to discover what new challenges you would like to take on this year…

16. What would you like to let go of and leave in your past? (Could it be a relationship that needs to change, or a secret that has caused you pain?)

17. What books have you read over the past year that made an impact on your life?

18. Are there areas in your heart, mind, or body where healing is needed? Is there someone in your life that would share this journey with you?

19. Is there clutter in your home or office that you’d like to let go of? What could you donate that someone else may benefit from?

20. Are you consuming negative content online or on social media? How could you change your life for the New Year to fill it with more positivity?

21. What charities or organizations would you like to donate to in the coming months? Think about how you’d like to donate. You can give of your time, your energy, your money, or your skills.

22. What self-limiting beliefs will you let go of in the New Year? A self-limiting belief keeps you stuck where you are, such as thinking you are bad with money, that you have no talents, or that you must stay in a situation you are unhappy about.

23. What new mantra can you develop to replace any self-limiting belief you may have? Ideas may include that you are smart with your money, that you have talents and gifts to share, or that you can create a job you love.


As you dive into your new year, take a few minutes to reflect. These questions will help you consider what you’d like the next 365 days to look like…

24. Are there any new routines you’d like to establish? Think about old habits you’d like to replace with better or healthier ones.

25. What books do you want to read in the New Year?

26. What brings you happiness? What can you do to be happier this year?

27. If you had to pick one word to sum up the past year, what word would you choose? Explain why you chose that word.

28. What one word would you choose be your anchor for the upcoming year? What does living out this word look like to you?

29. How will you use your word of the year to shape your decisions this year?

30. Who could you share your word for the year with, and why?

31. Where will you display your word of the year so you’ll see it often and be reminded to live by it?

This year, delight in the possibilities of what may come. By journaling through this 31-day challenge, you can discover ways to create abundance in your life.

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